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Mobile applications and how it is changing the world.

30 May 2023
    AI and the blockchain are in its infancy the possibilities of their root code is simply unimaginable and sometimes simply unattainable but this is not true. Some time in the near future new algorithms will arise giving the opportunities to billions of people to rise from the poverty stricken countries which were created by their corrupt governments. 
    Mobile applications and companies like WowProduct and its digital arm TridentGuard in all its different forms are doing exactly that. With new and more innovative applications now and in the future the world is full of wonder and the effect in real time on people all over the world is very real indeed. That is what is happening now in the third world, in countries devastated by their regimes. Throw down the old regime for something unimaginable, freedom of choice, power to create and to become your own savior in the world that is falling apart even as we speak. 
    Imagine the future where companies like WowProduct give you the tools to create your own financial world that is not bothered by corruption or greed. The countries that are the most in need are outpacing the big boys like US and China in using this new tech to better their world. It is always the countries that are in dire need with the quick adaptation of new technology. In the end these are the countries that will lead us into the future. These brave individuals will create a new economic world where the big boys are not going to be so powerful but just the backdrop of a new order. With a company like WowProduct the future is coming and coming fast if you blink you just might miss it. WowProduct is proud to be part of this future let the new world begin.

/ Max Hauser /  Social PR

Trident is now available on Google Play.

20 May 2023
    I am happy to announce that Trident is now part of Google Play community. You can now download Trident eniwhere in the world. To be part of  Google Play with its many innovative applications it's a huge achievement for our company. 
    We hope to continue our integration into the mainstream of social acceptance of digital currency, wallets and all applications to better the global economy.

WowProd is now available on AppGalery and Android.

20 April 2023
    It is amazing when a product that you have designed and meticulously created becomes part of the mobile world. WowProd and its application Trident is now available on most mobile devices. 
    The sad truth about saying that your product is available on mobile applications is that we have barely started to scratch the service of the digital crypto world when it comes to innovation in the world of digital mobile apps. 
    In some countries as unthinkable as it may be you are unable to download our application of Trident that is why we created the android developed application that you can download directly from our site.  We are proud to give everyone the access and tools they need to be part of the digital marketplace.

TridentGuard tolken trading on Uniswap.

5 April 2023
    WowProd has begun trading TridentGuard tokens on a Decentralized exchange Uniswap. Now you can buy or sell  TridentGuard tokens on the exchange, or participate in the pool for liquidity purposes. 
    Being accepted by the community of token developers, WowProd is looking to raise the standard of protocols and compliance to further improve the interaction between consumers and traders for a super clean, reliable system of trading without any  surprises or problems that exist in token development at this time. The production of many fake or bad tokens slows down the acceptance of  reliable tokens. WowProd hopes to help to establish new security standards in technical innovations to  further the acceptance of reliable tokens. 
    There are too many different regulations from country to  country, this makes acceptance and use of digital currency impossible.  Digital currency is the way of the future whether we like it or not. The reliability of product,  technical innovations will provide the future for the global  economy. Without the safety and technical innovations of companies like WowProd the security of the digital global economy  is not possible. WowProd is happy to lead the way for the future of global trade.

/ Max Hauser /  Social PR
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