I want to create my own digital bank.

23 March 2023
    Over the years I have seen many inventions come and go. Most of them are not even worse mentioning but once in blue moon a product comes to the market that can change everything, today we are going to talk about one such product. 
    Now let me start by telling you the name of the company WowProduct. Remember this name it will make you rethink everything you know about the entire banking world.  Too long has the crypto world been besieged upon by the big corporations and Banks. It is time for the individual and small companies to take control of their own financial destiny. Over the years the crypto wallet has been primarily the domain of the big institutions. The institutions charge fees, commissions set their own rules and keep everybody else out of the space. Why keep the crypto wallet for themselves, that's because there is so much money to be made. It serves their best interest to tell you hey you don't need your own wallet download ours it's free and use it anyway you want it. Which is absolutely not true. I mean yes you can download a wallet for free but in terms of making it your own that's not the case. They make all the money and keep saying the wallet is for free. 
    Now let me tell you about a company by the name of WowProduct which is going to revolutionize and change the world. It is probably one of the few companies in the world right now that you can actually create your own wallet from scratch quickly and with minimum investment. Then you can proceed to do the unthinkable, or what the big boys have been doing  for years, be your own bank. Yes, I said it be your own bank. You charge your own fees, create regulatory standards and make money, now that truly is the beginning of a new banking age, where you are in control of your own business that actually makes you money. Running your own wallet is an incredible business opportunity. A bank at your disposal no wonder that the big boys keep it all to themselves. Well no more take a look at WowProduct it might change your life. Many people out there don't like WowProduct because of who they are and what they do. The company makes them very nervous and they should be nervous because now the bank is no longer the domain of the elite few, it is now available  to the people and that's where Fair and proper banking can be done. 
    A revolution in banking is upon us. We just have to seize the opportunity and take control. We as individuals have suffered for years from banking over regulations, dismissive nature, indifferent and unsympathetic, approach to individuals.  For most of as it felt like torture and that they are doing you a favor with your money. Now this stops, welcome to the brave new world we are now in control of. Thank you for your service now go away.

/ Max Hauser /  Social PR
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